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AccuQuilt GO! 55797 Qube Mix & Match 10 in Block

AccuQuilt GO! Qube Mix & Match 10 in Block
We are thrilled to announce the addition of the 10" size for the GO! Qube Mix & Match Block and Companion Sets. GO! Qube Sets are now available in five finished block sizes: 6", 8", 9", 10" & 12", providing quilters with even more options for creating quilts.
- As part of the innovative GO! Fabric Cutting System, GO! Qube allows you to cut up to 6 layers of 100% cotton fabric, of the same shape, in less time.
- Each GO! Qube Mix & Match Block comes with everything you need to get started, including 8 mix & match geometric dies, a cutting mat, an instructional DVD and 14 FREE patterns - a $25 value.
- Pair the GO! Qube Companion Set-Corners and Angles with your GO! Qube Mix & Match Block and get 216 block designs to choose from.
- GO! Qubes feature a die numbering system making it easy to know which shapes you need for each block.
- (3) GO! Mix & Match 6" x 6" Dies
- (5) GO! Mix & Match 10" x 10" Dies
- GO! Cutting Mat-6" x 6" (55137)
- GO! Cutting Mat-10" x 10" (55111)
- Instructional DVD
- Pattern Book
- Self-contained Storage System